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Dillon Sparkys Location

Butte Sparkys Location

pickup table

Welcome to Sparky's Garage - where you can eat in a truck. You're probably feeling like you just wandered into the darndest filling station you ever laid eyes on! Well, you're probably right. You see, Sparky always was just a little bit peculiar. He started draggin' these "treasures" into the garage years ago and he ain't quit yet. The only thing that slows him down is the great pleasure he receives from fixing, and serving folks like yourselves some of the finest food and beverages around.

So relax, stay awhile, and enjoy the "high octane" fun . . . and keep your eye open for Sparky . . . he's always haulin' in something "new."

The interior is decorated with vintage road signs, old pinball machines and various "retro" oddities. A table sits in the back of a 1949 Chevrolet pickup truck. An old Buick has also been pulled inside.

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